Setting up Outlook2003 to connect to your Exchange Email Server


One of the neat features of the Exchange server is that you can use Outlook 2003 to get your email without needing a VPN connection.


However the setup can be a little difficult and needs to be done in the right order.


n        Prerequisites

n        Windows XP SP2 - but can be either Professional or Home

n        Outlook 2003

n        High speed internet connection

n        Working RPC over HTTPS configuration



Configuration Instructions 

Setup Outlook to connect to Exchange Server


Start the New Account wizard  by going to “Start” -> Control Panel -> Mail

Selecting “E-mail Accounts”




To get the following:



Click “Next”

Select “Microsoft Exchange Server”


Select “Next”

And enter the information as shown below Bongo for the server and using your account name for your User Name field.



Click on More Settings. You will get a number of prompts and dialogues. First this one:

Screenshot: Microsoft Outlook: The connection to the server is unavailable

Press OK to clear that message.  
Then this one:



Simply press Cancel on that message.

This will bring up the additional settings dialogue as normal. Click on the tab "Connection"



Enable the option "Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP" and then click the button "Exchange Proxy Settings..."


Enter the information as show below:



After pressing Ok, and then apply, you will get the following prompt. Press OK to accept the prompt.

Screenshot: Microsoft Outlook: You must restart Outlook

When you return to the "Microsoft Exchange Server Settings" screen where you first entered the server name and username, press "Check Name".

You should now be prompted for a username and password.
Enter the username in the format domain\username and the usual domain password and press OK.


The server name and username should now be underlined - in the same way as when setting up a network client. At this point you can press Next and then Finish to close the setup wizard.

Outlook will start as normal, but prompt you for username and password. This needs to be entered in the same format as before.


You will be prompted only once each time you start Outlook.