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Check to see if your domain is blacklisted

You may be visiting this page because mail you've sent to one of our clients has been rejected. This is likely to have occurred because  the mail server that sent your mail has been documented as a bulk junk mail source, or "spammer."   This does not necessarily mean that your email server has been generating the bulk mail itself.  It is much more likely that the software at your site is configured to relay mail from anywhere to anywhere, and someone -- from another site entirely -- has exploited your site's facilities to send spam.  The result is that your site gets a bad reputation as an open relay, and you find yourself unable to send mail to us, as well as to many other sites.

You, and of course your company, are not spammers. The fact that you're reading this means that you're a real person -- not some mindless, mechanical, mailing machine -- and you'd like to be able to send mail to your friend, associate, colleague, or workmate. And we'd like to help.

Here's how to remove your site from of our blacklist:
There are several mechanisms for rejecting mail. The one that rejected yours may have been listed in the rejection message itself. You may also enter the IP address of your mail server (which looks something like and should be in the rejection message) in this form to see whether your mail server is on any of several commonly-used anti-spam blacklists.

Show the Mail from ... rejected by message to your site administrator, or send a copy to your Internet service provider. Encourage him/her/them to resolve the problems that resulted in the "spammer" designation, so he/she/they can get the site removed from everyone's rejection lists. If you've had trouble sending email to us, you may also find that other places will reject mail from your site.

Visit (and encourage your site administrator to visit) the appropriate website(s) to learn about the problem, its solution, and how to request your site's removal.

Note: Many of databases we use are maintained by the Internet Community, not by itself.  Users and organizations submit additions to these databases from around the world. Your site's system administrator can request deletions from the appropriate database , once the cause of the complaint has been resolved.

Getting your mail through now:

If your message is urgent and you cannot use means other than email to reach your intended recipient, you may enter your email address and the IP address of your mail server in this form to  temporarily exempt your mail server from our the anti-spam blacklist checks at

Note: This exemption is temporary and only effective for our clients mail servers, so you will still need to work with your ISP or local system administrator to have your mail server removed from the blacklist which caused your original mail to be rejected.

Your email address

Type bondJamesbond here

Email of whom you are trying to contact



 Copy the text of the email error message and paste it here.  Your error message will look something like:

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- <>

----- Transcript of session follows -----

... while talking to

>>> MAIL From:<>

<<< 554 5.7.1 Mail from 123.4.567.89 refused by blackhole site see

 I f you cannot find that information you may also enter the IP address of your mail server (which looks something like and should be in the rejection message)  We cannot remove you if we do not have the error message.


We will try to respond to your issue within a few hours.  Thank you

Test any IP see if it is listed on a DNS blacklist.

Look for RED Highlighted sections for verification that your ip is listed in the Blacklists.

RDNS Lookup

A Reverse Domain Name Server (RDNS) lookup allows you to find the name or address of the computer that is listed in the Domain Name Server (DNS).  If you put in an IP address, you will find the computer name.  If you put in a computer name, you will find the IP address.

Spammers tend to forge the computer name. When you use a RDNS lookup of the IP number, you can easily find the computer name with this tool.


You can find the route that is taken via the internet to get to  the server with this TraceRoute tool.

Spam Counts for the day in REAL TIME

Email clean customers!  Submit your domain and see your virus counts for the past 2 weeks




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